View from a Giant Redwood

A virtual climbing experience with one of Kew’s experts.

Soak up a 360 degree of Kew Gardens from the top of one of it's tallest trees.

Title: View from a Giant Redwood

Released: 2017

Runtime: 4.5 Minutes

With just over 14,000 trees Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew has one of the world’s leading tree collections and in View from a Giant Redwood you learn first-hand about the important work carried out that ensures that they remain in good health for all visitors to enjoy.

In this experience you join tree expert and Kew’s head arborist Tony Kirkham as he carries out an important health check on one of the tallest trees at Kew – the 150 year old Giant Redwood. Steady yourself as you are hoisted up to the top to sit amongst the branches of this beautiful specimen and listen as Tony explains the story of how the Redwood, which can live up to 2500 years, starts life as a tiny seed, whilst all the time taking in the breath taking 360 panoramic view from this truly amazing vantage point.