Adventures in the Eden Rainforest

Explore behind the scenes at the Eden Project.

See the Rainforest Biome from a truly unique perspective, venturing down paths that are normally off limits to visitors.

Title: Adventures in the Eden Rainforest

Released: 2017

Runtime: 4 Minutes

The Eden Project, built in a disused china clay quarry in Cornwall UK,  is the size of  30 football pitches and houses more than 135,000 plants of around 4,500 species.

The Rainforest Biome is the largest conservatory in the world and is abundant with lush rainforest plants, full of wondrous sights of the tropical world and home to a flock of roul roul partridgesNow  you can go behind the scenes in this charming virtual reality film, exploring areas never seen before by the public.

In this full 360 experience you can journey deep into the Biome, joining head Horticulturist Hetty and her team as they go about their daily routine, planting incredibly rare bottle palms and descending into the canopy of the world’s largest indoor rainforest.