Anthony Geffen

CEO and Creative Director

Anthony Geffen is one of the world leading documentary film makers and a pioneer in multi-platform story telling. He is recognised as being one of the first early adopters of storytelling VR.

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Ian Syder

Head of Production

Ian is an award-winning Line Producer and Production Manager who is responsible for all production activity within the Atlantic group including Alchemy.

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Arnaud Baernhoft

Digital Producer

Arnaud is Alchemy's Producer for the studios augmented and virtual reality content.

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Daniel Wan

Lead Digital Creative (VR/AR)

Daniel oversees the creative development of new content across multiple immersive platforms that includes Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 360° film.

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Julia Zahner


Julia is responsible for stitching, retouching and editing all of Alchemy's 360 Video and VR content.

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Gabriella Scanio

Sound Designer

Gabriella is responsible for Alchemy VR’s creative and innovative audio post-production.

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Emily Smith

Director of Marketing and Business Development

Emily Smith is responsible for Alchemy's strategic marketing, commercial partnerships and corporate communications.

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Raya Racheva

Company Accountant

Raya is responsible for the financial reporting of Alchemy and oversees the financial assistants.

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Matthew Lee

Legal and Business Affairs Manager

Matthew oversees all commercial and legal activities at Alchemy VR.

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