Alchemy’s latest VR project launches over Christmas at the British Wildlife Centre

December 22, 2017

The team at Alchemy have been working on a special project for almost a year at the British Wildlife Centre, Surrey UK. Over this time we filmed some of the most special and rarest animals that are native to the UK, including incredibly elusive badgers and the extremely beautiful red squirrel.

The British Wildlife Centre was set up 20 years ago by wildlife enthusiast David Mills, since then the centre and the work it has done has expanded greatly. In most recent years the centre has been working on introducing new red squirrels populations onto isolated islands around the UK.

This film gives visitors the unique opportunity to go behind the scenes and with David as they guide, they learn about the important work the centre is doing on how they care for the animals that live there.

You can see the experience at the British Wildlife Centre from the weekend of the 23rd December until the end of January 2018.