Alchemy VR gets jungle fever at the Eden Project!

May 26, 2017

Alchemy’s Latest VR experience heads into the Rainforest Biome at the Eden Project

Alchemy is excited to announce that our latest VR film Adventures in the Eden Rainforest VR, which will be hosted by the Eden Project from Saturday 27th May to Sunday 4th June. During the half-term holiday, the four minute virtual reality film will allow visitors to explore the Eden Project’s Rainforest Biome in a behind-the-scenes experience that ventures in to areas never seen before by the public. Joining lead rainforest horticulturist Hetty Ninnis and her team on a full 360 degree trip, audiences will descend into the canopy of the world’s largest indoor rainforest and witness the planting of incredibly rare Bottle Palms.

Anthony Geffen, CEO and founder at Alchemy says: “We are thrilled to showcase the vibrant and exciting world of the Rainforest Biome through the fundamentally innovative and immersive format of VR. Not only does Adventures in the Eden Rainforest VR showcase the vital environmental work of the Eden Project, but it also underscores our continuing commitment to cutting-edge factual projects.”

Dr Jo Elworthy, Eden’s Director of Interpretation, said: “Adventures in the Eden Rainforest VR will give viewers an amazing insight into the hidden world of the Rainforest Biome, enabling them to experience things that even regular visitors to the Eden Project will never have seen. Viewers will go behind the scenes to discover how we ‘garden’ our tropical forest and will experience a spectacular abseil from the highest point of the Biome – all in incredible 360 degree virtual reality.”

It was such a pleasure working with such an awesome partner and we are delighted that our experiences are becoming available to watch in even more educational institutions across the UK

Watch this space for more exciting project announcements that are coming up in the next couple of months!