View from a Giant Redwood – Kew Gardens

View from a Giant Redwood was exhibited during the summer school holidays (22 July – 3 September 2017) at Kew Gardens, Richmond. Internal research that the majority of the respondents (97%) engaged with the entire film and loved the experience (95%), describing it as ‘enjoyable’ and ‘amazing’. The content was highly rated (92%). The film was claimed to be adding (99%) to the experience of seeing the Gardens, improving audiences knowledge and understanding, whilst enabling them to experience the scenery from a different or inaccessible perspective and making the visit more entertaining. The novel, different and unexpected nature of the experience also contributed to the appeal.

During this period the experience was also exhibited at Kew’s sister site in Wakehurst, as part of their annual science festival. It ran for two days over a weekend in July, with an average of 40 visitors per hour.