First Life VR – Australian Museum, Sydney Australia

First Life VR ran at the Australian Museum alongside Great Barrier Reef Dive VR. The combined season had a total of 20,345 visitors over a period of 185 days. 96% of tickets were bought via external website thereby suggesting that the program was an attractor for museum visitor numbers as tickets were bought in advance of visiting. The museum had 32 school bookings with a total 1,157 students viewing both First Life and the Great Barrier Reef Dive VR. Due to popularity, the experience was extended twice, initially from May to July and then from July to October. 71% of visitors’ main motivation for attending was because the technology is new and/or different whilst 53% said it was because they are interested in nature and the environment and wanted to learn more.
The experiences were featured across online, print and radio media including the Sydney Morning Herald, ABC news and Tourism Australia.